Police: Gang member wanted in connection to abduction

Victorious Minter (Photo Courtesy of Leesburg Police)

Neighbors are keeping their eyes peeled for a man who is considered armed and dangerous and associated with the gang known as the “Bloods”.

Leesburg police are searching for Victorious Minter, who is accused of abducting a man at gunpoint just before 6 p.m. on Tuesday. It allegedly started in the 1400 block of Campbell Court NE.

Minter is the third suspect wanted in the case. Two others were arrested shortly after the abduction. They have not been identified.

“We’ve been here for about a year and never had anything like that happen,” said Claudette Stout.

The victim managed to escape unharmed, a short distance away.

“I know there (are) gangs in the area. That’s just part of being in this area,” said Stout.

It’s unclear whether Minter is actively a member of the gang, according to police.

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