Police continue investigation into Spotsylvania shooting

Toriano Johnson

The mother of a boy shot while sleeping in his bed says she heard "popping" sounds and then her 11-year-old cry out.

Torshan Williams say her son Toriano Johnson, Jr. had been shot in the side. As the boy recovers from his injuries, Spotsylvania County Sheriff's deputies are looking into the circumstances surrounding into the shooting that occurred around 3:15 a.m. Sunday along Burlington Drive.

The boy's father says he was outside his home when he says he saw to vehicles go down his street and turn around.

At the point where they got in front of his home, gunfire erupted. Investigators are trying to figured out if it was a gun battle between the people in the two vehicles or if the home itself was the intended target.{ }

Police do believe the boy was not the focus of the gunshots.

Neighbors say they are eager for answers - who did the shooting and why?

“I don't know who would be driving around shooting off a loaded gun,” said neighbor Carroll Williams. “Seems to me that's very dangerous.”

Toriano is expected to recover but his mother says the bullet is still lodged near his ribs.

“I'm just happy he's going to be okay,” Williams said.