Police chase goat in Gaithersburg (Video)

(Photo: Montgomery Village Patch)

A farm animal on the loose got the goat of Gaithersburg cops Thursday. The goat chase began at Clopper and Quince Orchard roads.

ben eisler is live in the newsroom with where it all stands right now. ben?

More than a dozen police officers chased after the goat for more than an hour, by car and on foot. From Chevy's restaurant to the Orchard Plaza shopping center, into rush-hour traffic on Clopper Road, the goat kept evading its pursuers.

The animal it ran within a couple feet of Sebastian Montes, a reporter for the Montgomery Village Patch site who captured the chase on video.

“Honestly it wasn't my fear of the animal or of falling down, I honestly felt like I needed to maintain my journalistic distance and not interfere,” Montes said. “He walked within two feet of me. I could have had him.”

Shortly thereafter the goat disappeared down the CSX railroad and was not seen again.

“I hope he's off somewhere making a happy goat family,” Montes said.

Loose goats are not an anomaly in the area, according to one animal control officer. According to the agricultural extension service this goat could have come from anywhere. A number of children in Gaithersburg belong to goat clubs, raising them for fairs.

View video of the goat chase Patch.