Police bust prostitution ring in Herndon

In a story you'll only see on ABC7, two men have been charged with prostitution-related offenses following the bust of a prostitution ring in Fairfax County.

Authorities say members of the violent street gang the Bloods were selling four 17-year-old girls for sex inside an extended stay hotel in Herndon.

According to a search warrant, an undercover Fairfax police officer responded to a escort ad in Dec. and agreed to pay $250 for sexual services from two girls. Once he arrived at the Hyatt House hotel, the undercover officer found four girls inside a two-bedroom suite.

As two of the girls allegedly stripped to their underwear and began searching for a condom, investigators charged into the room and arrested all four teens. Police say one of them had $1,500 stuffed in her underwear, and another admitted to servicing four men at the hotel right before the bust.

Right outside the room, police arrested Edwin Barcus and Joshua Dumas, who allegedly brought two of the girls from Georgia to Northern Virginia.

Court documents say the gang controlled the girls through violence, drugs and alcohol, bringing them to Herndon all the way from Georgia to make money.

Dumas is charged with sex trafficking of a child, aiding prostitution or illicit sexual intercourse, residing in or frequenting a rowdy place and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Two of the girls, who traveled with Dumas to Virginia, were also charged with prostitution, court documents state.

In a statement released by Fairfax County police, a spokeswoman says additional charges and arrests may occur as a result of the investigation.

Sex trafficking is a growing problem in some of Northern Virginia's wealthiest suburbs.

Last year, five Crips gang members were sentenced for running a juvenile prostitution ring inside a home in Lorton. They're among 12 gang members sentenced for sex trafficking in the past two years.

Dumas is now in federal custody; his next court date is Jan. 15.