Police arrest two suspects in NE D.C. crime spree

After a Catholic University student was attacked and robbed near campus Monday night, four cab drivers were robbed at gunpoint nearby in Northeast in a 48-hour period.

Police caught two suspects Thursday night. One was identified as Miguel Demonis, 19, of Northeast. The other is a 15 year-old juvenile male of Northeast. They were charged with Robbery Fear, police say.

The neighborhood is on edge and some drivers say they're reluctant to pick up fares at night.

The cab driver robberies started Wednesday, in and around Rhode Island Avenue between 3rd and 6th Streets NE. In all but one of the four cases, police say the gunman stole cash and cellphones.

"Clearly what we saw was something that hit so hard and so fast with these robberies that we figured that they were probably related," says MPD Cmdr. Andy Solberg.

Thursday night a break in the case came on Lawrence Street.

A search was on for two suspects who police say fit the description of a taxi robbery around 10:30 p.m.

The suspects were seen standing right in front of the home of a Catholic University student whose head was slammed into her car during a robbery just days earlier on Monday night. In that case, the suspect stole her cash and cell phone.

"I heard the helicopter," says Thomas Fazio, a Catholic University student. "It felt like it was inside my house, so I looked outside. They had the search going on in this whole area."

"They were standing out in front of our house, I guess counting the money they had stolen" a robbery victim tells ABC7. "And then, a police patrol car did respond and they ran through our yard, ditched the cell phone in our yard."

Police caught the two on the next block. Now detectives say they are working to see if they were responsible for the entire spree of violence.

"Even if it's not the person, it's showing people in that neighborhood that if you do something you are going to get caught," a victim says.