Arlington community reacts to arrests in Carl Diener murder case

An Arlington community came together Monday night after police announced two arrests in a high-profile murder.

Carl Diener was found dead on his way to work at an Arlington fitness center two years ago. The case had been a disturbing mystery to the neighborhood until Monday night, when police announced the arrests.

Police have arrested 20-year-old Roger Clark of Severn, Md., and 24-year-old Javon Martin of D.C. The suspects will be extradited to Virginia to stand trail.

“Hopefully there will be a conviction,” said Doug Ross, who lives in the area, after hearing the news of the arrest at a community crime meeting.

“It gives me a little easier feel about the neighborhood,” said Ben Jarrell, another resident of the area.

Authorities said the murder was a random act, but did not reveal many details.

“We want to know why. It was senseless but still why?” asked Michael Byrne, a friend of Diener.

In December 2009, Diener was walking from his Arlington apartment to his job at a health club when he was confronted. The 57-year-old’s body was later found. He had been stabbed to death. For nearly two years, the murder had remained a mystery.

Diener’s neighbors want to keep his memory alive. They’re planning to build a memorial of sorts at the community tennis courts he loved.