Police search for man who attacked speed camera on BW Parkway

The vehicle damaged by a suspect. (Photo: WJLA)

Police have updated their description of the man who attacked a speed camera vehicle Wednesday, shutting down traffic on the BW Parkway at MD-195 for hours as police were pursuing the suspect.

The man was armed with a shotgun, authorities said.

The target of the man’s anger was a mobile speed camera truck operated by a contractor for the state highway administration. The man appeared at the truck’s rear window with a hammer and a shotgun at about 11:30 a.m.

He began tapping on the rear window with the shotgun. When the attendant moved to the front of the truck, the attacker followed. He smashed the windshield and began beating on the white jeep, while the frightened driver laid into the horn.

“He began striking the front windshield with his hammer at that point the worker got out of the truck and said the suspect was yelling incoherently,” said Greg Shipley, Maryland State Police spokesman.

The man dashed back into the woods. He didn’t fire his shotgun and no one was injured during the incident.

Updated description

State police wouldn’t speculate about a motive since the man hasn't been caught. They did update his description to say he is white, in his 50s to 60s, 6' tall, and weights 200-225 pounds. He is said to wear clear glasses and was carrying or wearing a dark backpack over a red and blue plaid shirt.

Police have focused on the office park where the attacker presumably parked his own car to make his way to his target. A grassy area and a ribbon of trees separate the commercial area from the highway, but a well-worn path leads through it. Somebody also cut an opening in the fence.

Police are asking any witnesses to contact authorities.

Residents speculate man was angry about tickets

Residents like Pat Leroux wonder if the armed man had an issue with speed camera tickets. Police say it’s unclear if the man was specifically targeting the mobile speed camera truck.

So thought Will Forman, who owns a Prince George’s county auto parts store. He has received many tickets from speed cameras that he claims are inaccurate. On his business' Facebook page, he's been posting videos from the incidents.

“I can understand if somebody is taking something from you, you get frustrated…I don't justify that at all. When I thought about that I thought that is really hurting our cause,” Forman said.

BW Parkway closed for hours Wednesday

With a man with a gun on the loose, police closed the BW Parkway for more than three hours as they hunted the suspect by land and air.

“They shut down a major highway looking for the guy, which is all fine,” said Drew Greenspan. “But seems like a lot of expense and overkill to me.”

Police closed northbound MD 295 at I-195 in Anne Arundel County. Use I-95, US 1 or US 29 as alternatives.