Pole dancing competition coming to Crystal City

(Photo courtesy fuzzytek via Flickr)

Pole dancing has become a hot fitness craze across the country in recent years. Later this month, the Virginia Division of the Southern Regional Pole Dance Fitness Competition will take over Crystal City.

The statewide winner, Ms. Virginia, will advance to a national contest.

So far, more than 20 women have signed up, submitting youtube videos. They represent dance studios across Virginia, professional dancers as well as amateurs.

“These are housewives, teachers, lawyers, stay at home moms,” says Lisa Adams owner of Diva Fit Studio. “It's for everybody.”

The competition will be held April 28th, here at the Hilton in Crystal City. Where a manager tells me the staff is very excited about the event. It's open to the public. Tickets start at $25.

Organizers say audiences at these events are mostly women. Some men do attend. But tipping dollar bills is not allowed.

"When men come, they come with a certain expectation, and they leave with a greater appreciation of the strength that it takes,” Adams says.

Some advocates even want to make pole dancing an Olympic sport.

Atlanta-based Moses Carroll is coordinating this event. He says no men are allowed to compete in the Ms. Virginia contest. However, he plans to launch a men's division next year.