Pitbulls seized from Fairfax County home

A controversy is brewing in the Alexandria section of Fairfax County after police seized several pitbulls from a man's home.

It all unfolded in the 4500 block of Tipton Lane, and it has caused a stir in the neighborhood.

"What he uses them for I don't know, but he's always had a lot of dogs, " said Pamela McEvily, a former neighbor of the suspect.

McEvily says a few days ago, she saw police checking out the house right across the street from her mother's home on Tipton Lane.

"...they were looking over the fence and banging on the door," McEvily recalls.

Large dog cages were in the back of the house, and a sign out front warning to stay away.

Wednesday, Fairfax County authorities confirm they raided the home, seized several pitbulls and charged the owner with being unfit.

"It's just disrespectful to the neighborhood, to the community, to the animals," adds neighbor Drake Daughdrill.

Court records are sealed, keeping the man's identity unknown. But neighbors tell ABC7 they've complained about the number of dogs and barking for years. Some even feared the animals may have been sold to those who participate in dog fighting.

Daughdrill adds, "Alleged operations like this take awesome, loving dogs and just turn them evil."

Police confirm a broader investigation has been launched, and more charges will likely be filed.

Robert Hancasky, who also lives nearby, says he's known the owner and his dogs for years.

"This is a man who loves his dogs," Hancasky says.

Hancasky says the dogs are well-taken care of and friendly pets. He can't imagine them being connected to something sinister.