Anne Arundel couple seriously injured in pit bull attack

An Anne Arundel County couple is recovering from multiple injuries after a vicious attack by a pit bull.

Patty Miller and Ken Link were attacked Friday by a dog Patty was watching for her daughter.

As of Sunday night, Link was still in the hospital. Patty was released on Saturday and recounted the terrifying attack to ABC7.

"I've never seen anything like this in my life," she said.

Miller said her daughter has adopted the dog, called Capone, to rescue him from a household where he had been abused.

She said doctors believe something triggered a memory of the abuse for the dog, and that's when he snapped.

She says Capone had escaped from his collar, and when Link, her fiance, tried to put the collar back on, Capone began biting both of them.

"We were both trying to protect our face the whole time, and neck," she said.

The couple struggled to make it back into Patty's Glen Burnie apartment building. Even when they finally made it inside the building's main door, the dog was able to follow them.

Patty says Link made it down some steps to her apartment door, which the couple thought was unlocked. He discovered it wasn't.

The dog then continued its vicious attack.

"My fiance was trapped against the door," Patty said. "A neighbor up on the third floor threw a knife down, and said, 'you have to stab him!' And I threw a knife to my fiance...and he couldn't even feel his hands at that point. His hands were too bad."

Shortly after that Anne Arundel County police arrived to help. Police say at one point the dog tried to attack an officer.

"I heard a pop, and that's when I thought that they had killed the dog with a gun," said neighbor Greg Becker. "At that point I didn't know that they had tasered the dog."

The dog was tased to death, but not before biting both Patty and Link multiple times on their arms and legs.

Patty says it will be a very long time before their wounds heal. She also said she's having trouble sleeping because she keeps seeing the attack in her mind over and over.

But despite all the horror, she is thankful things weren't worse.

She's especially glad the dog didn't snap while at her daughter's home, where three children live.

"We just thank God that it was us and nobody else," she said. "We're thanking God that we're alive."