Pit bulls found dead along I-295

In just one week, officials have found six dead pit bulls along Interstate 295 in Washington. Now they’re wondering if the dogs were hit by cars or if something more malicious happened to them.

Two of the six dogs were found between Route 50 and the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. Both pit bulls were found dead against the highway divider in the northbound lanes. The news is startling to many.

“I think it is strange that [it] is the stretch of highway and the same breed of dog,” says Martha Lacrosse.

ABC7 asked the Department of Public Works about the two dogs found on I-295, one at the I-695 ramp and the other across from the Malcolm X exit ramp. DPW says their trucks had already collected four dead pit bulls just days before along I-295 and called it “unusual.”

Washington Humane Society law enforcement officers investigate animal cruelty cases in the city and said the high number of dogs in the same area gave them pause. They said they would look into it, but also said warmer weather can mean more dogs are outside and can escape.

“Same breed of dog, same area? Pit bulls are a very popular dog in the D.C. area,” says Officer Michael Triebwasser of the Washington Humane Society.

Only one of the six pit bulls was evaluated by an officer and the Humane Society said the pit bull appeared to have been hit by a car. The other five were collected by DPW.

“Maybe someone is putting them out there,” says Thad Wins. “Maybe someone is dumping them out there. That is real bad.”

The type of concern has animal cruelty officers asking the public to come forward to report any suspicious behavior.

“We always investigate situations where someone just has a bad feeling,” says Officer Triebwasser.

An officer with the Humane Society observed two most recent dead pit bulls at the DPW and found nothing to indicate criminal behavior. The investigation will also include looking at the areas where the dogs were found.