Pit bull puppy tied up in trash bag, left for dead

Hershey, a pit bull puppy, was found inside a garbage bag in Upper Marlboro last Tuesday. Photo: Humane Society

Humane Society officials say they're looking for a suspect who trapped a live pit bull puppy inside a tied-up garbage bag and left him for dead in Upper Marlboro.

The Humane Society of the United States says that a person found the puppy, 8-month-old Hershey, was found in a bag near the intersection of Westphalia and Ritchie Marlboro roads in Upper Marlboro last Tuesday evening. Authorities believe that the puppy was tossed from a vehicle and that he had freed himself from a muzzle just before being found.

A veterinarian who examined Hershey says that the puppy was underweight and his feet were soaked in his own urine. Possibly because he had been crated for an extended period of time. Hershey also had tendon injuries on his feet, an injury that also likely came from being crammed into a tiny crate.

"Tying a puppy up in a garbage bag and leaving him for dead is heartbreakingly cruel," Ashley Mauceri, the manager of cruelty investigations for the Humane Society, said in a statement.

Fortunately, Veterinarian Dr. Victor Katz says Hershey should physically recover.

"They have these braces that they sell that we can attach to his feet. That should strengthen his tendons and lower legs, so he'll eventually be walking normally instead of flat-footed," Katz explained.

Despite his injuries, Hershey had no breaks or fractures. It seems going forward, he will have mostly emotional healing to do.

Melanie Samet, the president of Mutts Matter Rescue, said, "We got him in time. He's still young enough where we can rehabilitate him, so he can learn to trust and love again."

Hershey is now under foster care at a Kensington shelter and will be available for adoption when he fully recovers. For information on how to adopt Hershey, you can visit

The Humane Society is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the person who abused the puppy. Anyone with information is asked to contact Prince George's County authorities at (301) 780-7241.