Pit bull ordered euthanized after May sheep attack

This photo shows Destiny, the twin of the pit bull shot and killed. (Photo: Julie Parker)

A pit bull blamed for a sheep attack in Funkstown, Md., that left 12 sheep dead and eight more injured in May was ordered euthanized this week.

Isabella, one of two pit bull involved in the attack, was ordered euthanized by the Washington County Animal Control Authority after being declared vicious and dangerous.

The other dog involved, named Bubba, was shot by the farmer’s son in May.

In light of those events, Funkstown Mayor Paul Crampton Jr., says he'll look into local leash and vicious-dog laws that he suspects need strenghtening.

“I don't think there is a leash law," he said.

The dogs’ owner, Kayla Murphy, earlier told ABC7 that her dogs got free and that she couldn’t find them. But she’s convinced they did not commit the attack on the sheep.

“I don't see livestock as being pets so I don't think he had any right doing what he did,” said Lucas Murphy, Kayla’s brother. “I mean, he had a right to shoot the dog if it was coming at him but I just don't see my dog doing that.”

Murphy, who is 19 and pregnant, says her dogs were always gentle with her. “He was my four-legged furry child. He was my world,” she said.

Murphy has 30 days to appeal the board's decision.

One neighbor, however, said the dogs constantly run wild and "It's like we're being held hostage in our own homes,” Mary Brownley said.

Estimated the damage in the attack is about $10,000.