Prince Charles focuses on sustainable farming

On Prince Charles' second day in D.C., he focused on an issue important to him.

Prince Charles began his speech at Georgetown with a little humor, making a joke about giving embarrassing speeches about his son, Prince William, during wedding receptions.

But then the Prince focused on a mission that is very important to him: sustainable and organic farming.

He said factory farming and meat production are depleting the soil and devouring water supplies while driving local farmers out of business.

Prince Charles adopted organic farming on royal lands he managed in the 1980s before the green movement was embraced worldwide.

“Questioning the conventional world view is a risky business.,” he said. “The only reason I have done so is for the sake of your generation and for the integrity of nature herself."

Georgetown University students reacted well to the prince’s message.

"It doesn't take that much effort to make little changes in your lifestyle,” said student Alex Pelle.

(Prince Charles speaking at Georgetown University. Photo: Jummy Olabanji/WJLA.)