Photo of MPD officer asleep on the job goes viral

A candid photo of a D.C. police officer in a compromising position has the Internet buzzing.

Someone snapped a shot of an officer taking a snooze, apparently while on the job.

Reaction to the snoozing officer is not exactly supportive. The people ABC7 spoke with said it looks like the officer is on the job and if they can't sleep while at work, neither should a police officer.

"How can he be protecting and serving?" asks Fabio Barros, a District resident. "He should be doing his job."

The photo was apparently taken in Southeast D.C. about a month ago. There was no information about what was going on at the time.

But other members of the force are not too thrilled about one of their own apparently nodding off in uniform and in public.

ABC7 contacted the department and received a brief response saying they are aware of the photo and are looking into it. Meanwhile, warm weather usually means spike in crime.

Some had advice for this particular officer.

"Certainly if you're supposed to be protecting us, you should make sure you get your sleep before you show up for work," says Danica Williams, a District resident.

One person close to the investigation says the officer may well be on redeployment, which means he may have another job in the department and was just filling in on the day the photo was taken.