Phone scam targets seniors

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJLA) - Montgomery County resident Keith Watkins got the call at home last week. He thought it was a live person.

Nancy Walker's phone first rang with the scam last month.

“And now they’re calling my father who is almost 96 nonstop and he gets all confused,” Walker says.

They’re victims of a scam that plays off a service advertised by well-known and often parodied commercials for a medical alert system

The scam robocall pitch begins with a too good to be true promise: A free service for people who have fallen.

The call explains that somebody else set it up and paid.

And then comes the hook, according to the call: “We just have to get some personal information from you before we ship anything.”

And that's how they get credit card numbers to complete the theft. The scam is sweeping the country. The real life alert company even has a fraud alert on its website.

Consumer protection advocates say if you get the call, just hang up as quickly as possible.

“As we all know, it preys upon the seniors of the county. My mother is a senior she could easily be duped into doing that thinking I had purchased it for her,” says Watkins.