Phantom Planter stopped by Metro

Meet Henry Docter – also known as the Phantom Planter.

Since 1979, the garden artist used public space as his canvas. But those who admired his blooming work never knew his true identity until recently.

Metro learned that Docter was behind the flowers at the Dupont Circle Metro Station.

“Maybe I did make a mistake by asking Metro for permission after I had done this,” he says. “All I wanted them to do was let the flowers grow.”

Not taking this lightly, Docter, also a part-time lawyer, decided it was time to go public, creating a web-site and an online petition, which now has more than 2,000 supporters.

Metro issued this statement: "As good as Mr. Docter's intentions may be, we cannot permit him to access the escalator embankment for safety reasons that should be self-evident. Last week, a 21-year-old sustained life threatening injuries after falling down this very entrance."

Metro plans on renovating this entire stop, and that includes fixing up the planter boxes and bringing in in-house landscapers to beautify the area.

Both Docter and Metro say they're willing to work from the ground up.