PGFD firefighters resort to foam to fight hoarder's house fire

Firefighters stand outside a Brentwood home where foam was applied to help extinguish the fire. Photo: Billy McNeel, County Citizen Services Unit

BRENTWOOD, Md. (AP) - Prince George's County firefighters had to resort to battling a blaze in Brentwood with foam because the burning house was so full of "stuff" and they couldn't gain access inside.

Firefighters were called to the two-story home on Webster Street on Friday evening. They tried to get inside but had to evacuate because of "hoarder conditions" inside the home.

The department says combustibles were stacked from floor to ceiling in some parts of the house.

A department spokesman says the firefighters retreated and decided to fight the fire with foam from the outside instead. Foam is used to coat the burning material and smother the fire.

No injuries were reported in the fire. The damage is estimated at $25,000.