PG County police cadet Khaled Rasuli, Jason Romero, 9, unlikely friends

Prince George's County Police cadet Khaled Rasuli and Jason Romero, 9. (Photo: WJLA)

Prince George's County Police cadet Khaled Rasuli and 9 year old Jason Romero couldn't be more different.

Rasuli, a veteran volunteer firefighter, once badly burned on the job, is in the final weeks of training to be a police officer.

Jason is a quiet, happy youngster, with an infectious giggle.

But they just might be new best friends now.

"I would like to thank him", Jason says.

"He was kind of scared about it. I made sure he was all right", Rasuli adds.

Rasuli and Jason met Saturday for the very first time, at a children's luncheon in Greenbelt.... when Jason began choking on a chicken nugget.

"He was bent over, hacking, trying to catch his breath... couldn't breathe", Rasuli says. "I don't know (I thought) just got to save this kid", he adds.

Rasuli sprang into action, first slapping the youngster on his back. But it didn't work.

"I laid him on his back, hit his sternum... nothing came out.I went to the Heimlich again... it just popped out", he says.

"He helped me get it out!", says Jason.

Jason is back at home, doing just fine. His family is relieved.

"Were you scared about this, when you heard what happened?" Jason's dad was asked.

"Yeah, that was scary", says Cipriano Melgar.

But now? "I'm really happy for Jason now. That's okay," he adds.

Rasuli's academy instructor appeared more than pleased.

"Knowing that training kicks in when necessary, 'cos that's what police work is all about", says Corporal Robert Edge.

A police cadet and a little boy. Buddies now, after some quick thinking.

"It was good, felt pretty good. Nice thing to do", Rasuli says.