Petworth house apparently home to rowdy ex-Occupiers

It has been months since the last of the Occupy D.C. protesters left McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza.

Where did they go, though? The answer may lie in a quiet neighborhood in Petworth.

"There's all kinds of people running in and out of that house," Robert Anderson, who lives in the same 800 block of Varnum Street Northwest where neighbors believe many are hanging out.

Neighbors say the house is drawing rats and allege that as many as 30 to 35 people are living inside at any given time. One neighbor caught a person illegally connecting the house to Pepco; the utility quickly cut it off.

"It's like a 24-hour party," neighbor Robert Joyner said. "They'll be partying hard and they have sex on the front porch."

The owner of the house could not be reached for comment, but the man who says he rents the home, Anthony Shuler, said that he's powerless to stop their alleged antics.

He says the mayhem started when he began letting Occupiers into the house about 10 months ago.

"How can you remove 35 people?" Shuler said. "How do you remove a clan...a group?"

Neighbors say that police have been called to the property many times, including as recently as Wednesday, but Shuler says the occupants got away. He doesn't even know where they went.