Peter Laboy's wife calls husband's survival a miracle

Laboy was shot in the head in late February. Photo: Alexandria Police

The wife of the Alexandria Police officer who was shot in the line of duty calls his survival a miracle.

Suzanne Laboy, the wife of Alexandria Police Ofc. Peter Laboy, says that her husband continues to recover from his injuries. He is now able to walk and speak, less than three months after he was shot in the head.

"I definitely think it was a miracle,” Suzanne says. “It wasn't his day to go."

Suzanne is constantly amazed at her husband's remarkable progress and where he is today, even if the road isn’t always smooth.

“Every day is different,” she says. “Some days are good, some days are bad.”

She calls the hours and days after the shooting stressful and surreal, but hope began prevailing when Laboy began responding to his four sons.

“Would want to hug them and stroke their hair back and that really stands out to me,” she says. “That was really important to all of them.”

Also important and overwhelming, Suzanne says, is the support her family has receive from the police department, hospital staff, and the people of Alexandria.

“The dollar bills were practically flying out of the buckets.”

Jenny Considine’s two children helped raise money for Laboy’s recovery.

“So glad to know recovery is possible and actually happening,” she says.

“What are things going to be like nine months to a year? I have no idea,” Suzanne says.

She says her husband is eager to get back to work and back on his bike. She doesn’t know if that day will come, but she does know one thing.

“He’s a fighter. He’s a winner. He loves a challenge and hates to lose."

The man who is alleged to have shot Laboy on Feb. 27, Kashif Bashir, 27, was indicted Monday on charges of aggravated malicious wounding, attempted capital murder of a law enforcement officer and two counts of using a firearm during a felony. He is currently awaiting trial.