Peter Laboy sues Alexandria Yellow Cab Inc.

Wounded Alexandria police officer Peter Laboy is suing Alexandria Yellow Cab Inc., for negligence, claiming that the cab company didn’t thoroughly investigate the background of the driver accused of shooting Laboy.

The lawsuit, filed Monday, also claims that Alexandria Yellow Cab Inc. should have known the cabdriver, Kashif Bashir, posed a threat to the public.

The lawsuit is asking for $10 million.

The suit says the cab company “failed to adequately monitor and supervise Bashir in his use of Defendant’s taxicabs after hiring him.”
Bashir shot and wounded Laboy in the head on Feb. 27 while Laboy was on duty. Laboy suffered a massive injury but is recovering.

A grand jury indicted Kashif Bashir, 27, on charges of aggravated malicious wounding, attempted capital murder of a law enforcement officer and two counts of using a firearm during a felony.