Peter Laboy, Alexandria officer, makes incredible recovery after shooting

Officer Laboy talks about his recovery as he looks at his motorcycle with WJLA's Jeff Goldberg. Photo: Jeff Goldberg

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WJLA) -{ }Next week marks one year since Peter Laboy, an Alexandria police officer,{ }was shot in the head during a traffic stop. While the man accused of the crime is awaiting trial, Officer Laboy has made a remarkable recovery.

Officer Laboy knows exactly how fortunate he is.

“I guess I am, what they say, one in a million,” he says.“At the beginning I really didn’t understand what happened. Now I understand more of what happened. I didn’t know it was as bad as it was and that I’m here it’s a miracle.”

“It’s hard. We have up and down days and today’s a good day,” says his wife, Suzanne.

On Feb. 27, 2013, Officer Laboy was shot in the head while making a traffic stop of a taxi in Old Town Alexandria. Authorities accuse the cab driver, 28-year-old Kashif Bashir, of pulling the trigger. Laboy was immediately airlifted to Medstar Washington Hospital Center, where doctors expected the worst.

“I don’t even remember being in the ICU,” Officer Laboy says.

“Feeling like you had no control over the situation. Sometimes it was very dim and you wonder if it was ever going to get any better,” says Suzanne.

But Officer Laboy fought through and little by little his speaking, movement and{ }communication improved. He finally returned home last April and has hopes to ride his motorcycle again.{ }

“I think he can do anything he sets his mind on,” says Suzanne.

Officer Laboy knows he would not be{ }alive without the support of family, friends, the Alexandria Police Department, and the city he calls home.

“I needed to do the same way they did for me. I needed to show that I wasn’t gonna give up. I was gonna keep fighting til’ I got better.”