Pepco workers put out fire, mother saves sleeping son

Malebogo Munamunungu and her son, Asher.

A Prince George’s County homeowner says Pepco workers put out a fire in her home and possibly saved her three-year-old son’s life.

But a crewmember says the mom is the hero.

About 9 a.m. this morning Pepco crews arrived at Malebogo Munamunungu’s home in Upper Marlboro to string electrical lines. The house is being renovated.

A Pepco crewmember, Ryan Callahan, 19, heard a smoke alarm going off in the house.

“Me and another man, Brandon Edwards, went around to the side of the house to see if we could see smoke,” Callahan says. “We saw smoke.”

Munamunungu was walking down the end of the home's long driveway to take two of her young children to their school bus. Three-year-old Asher was asleep in an upstairs bedroom.

Just outside the house, Callahan grabbed a fire extinguisher from his truck and he and his partner, Donnie Pfieffer, went inside.

Intense fire and thick smoke filled the kitchen and was quickly spreading.

“You could see it through the window, so I came in.,” Callahan says. “We hit the fire one more time. We thought it was out. The smoke was thick.”

A Pepco worker called 911, ran to get Munamunungu and brought her back to the house.

“I rushed upstairs to make sure I got this one,” Munamunungu says. “Fortunately, in my bedroom there was no smoke.”

Asher was fine. She grabbed him and they escaped through an upstairs exit.

The Pepco workers put out the fire before firefighters even arrived.

“The Pepco guys were a godsend,” Munamunungu says.

“I don't consider us heroes,” Callahan says. “The mom, I give her credit. She's the hero. She's the one who ran inside the house with all the smoke. We just put the fire out.”