Pepco requests 4.98 percent rate increase in Maryland

Pepco has asked the Maryland Public Service Commission to authorize a 4.98 percent rate increase for its Maryland customers.

Customers tell ABC7 they believe Pepco needs to improve its service before asking for more money.

A statement from Pepco says the increase would raise the typical residential customer's monthly bill by $7.13 on a total bill of about $143. In addition, there would be a grid resiliency surcharge increase for a typical customer of 96 cents per month in 2014, $1.70 in 2015, and $1.93 in 2016.

The utility says it plans to make infrastructure investments of approximately $1 billion in Maryland over the next five years.

Pepco expects a PSC decision by July 1, 2013.

A Maryland Grid Resiliency Task Force Report issued Sept. 24 called on Pepco to accelerate reliability standards and to initiate projects to improve reliability.

In addition to other improvements, Pepco says it plans to speed up a four-year tree-trimming cycle and complete that work in three years.