Pentagon City watch robbery video released: $609K worth of Rolex watches taken

Surveillance video shows the suspects robbing the store. Photo: Arlington County Police

Arlington County Police say they're continuing to search for four suspects who robbed a Pentagon City watch store Tuesday, stealing more than $600,000 in Rolexes in the process.

The robbery happened just before 10:40 a.m. Tuesday at the Tourneau store inside the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, officials say. In surveillance video released by police Thursday, the four masked men walked into the store and went directly toward the Rolex case.

One of the suspects then used a hammer to smash the front of a glass display case, giving him access to the expensive watches. The suspects then made off with 23 Rolex watches with a total value of $609,000. They then fled the mall.

Authorities estimate the suspects were in the store for less than 30 seconds before a fifth suspect in a getaway car helped the robbers get away. That getaway car is described as a gray, four-door sedan.

It was the second smash-and-grab crime at the mall in two months. On Feb. 4, four masked men walked into the Zales Jewelers at the Fashion Centre, shattered a display case with hammers and made off with $128,000 in rings. The men fled in a car driven by a fifth person. Police have not said if they believe the two crimes are related.

Anyone with information on the robbery is asked to contact police at (703) 228-4241.