Pedicab drivers complain about unfair ticketing

Pedicabs drivers complain that they're being shuffled around and ticketed unfairly by police.

Pedicab driver Peter McNeil counters he’s received unclear information by police.

"We've been told conflicting information. We've been told to park in the taxicab zones..we've been told not to. We’ve been told to park in legal parking spaces and not to,” McNeil said.

Park Police did not respond to a request seeking comment.

McNeil is shuttling tourists around downtown museums and monuments. He says officers move the pedicabs around everyday. Pedi or bicycle cab companies have permits for their drivers to do business in Washington. The drivers claim they have a letter of agreement with the U.S. Park Police to operate on the Mall and at the monuments.

But the lack of clear guidelines is leading to tensions.

“I've been asked to move on before. I've been given two warning tickets. There's a bit of a crackdown going on, I think part of it is not having definitive regulations written up,” said Mike Devore.

“Unfortunately some of them don't belive we have the right to be here,” said Robert Hart.

Pedicab drivers claim they've been doing business here for more than five years with little friction.