Hyattsville ROTC students struck by car in school parking lot

Multiple people were hurt in the incident. (Photo: WJLA)

Eight Northwestern High School students were taken to the hospital after police say a Honda Accord ran into them in the Hyattsville school's side parking lot.

Hyattsville police chief Doug Holland says the students who were hit are members of Northwestern High's JROTC unit.

He says the students were practicing marching when the car, which was being driven by a 19-year old Mt. Rainier man, ran into them.

"It was driving in the direction of a very bright sun glare," Holland said. "At the same time there was a group of ROTC students training in formation."

The accident happened just before 6 p.m. Thursday.

Police did not name the driver Thursday night, but said he is being charged with multiple counts of negligent driving and failure to control his vehicle.

They also say he only has a learner's permit, so he is being charged with driving without having someone in the car to supervise him.

Several of the students were wheeled into ambulances on stretchers, but police say none of the injuries appear to be life-threatening.

"They were all just in tears," said Northwestern High student Emily Andino after seeing her injured classmates. "Some of them couldn't even move."

According to the school's JROTC facebook page, members of the unit had just marched in Northwestern's homecoming parade this past weekend.

Northwestern High School is located on Adelphi Road in Hyattsville less than a mile south of the University of Maryland. The accident happened in a parking area on the north side of the school.