Pedestrian killed near National Zoo

Police investigating the fatal crash. The vehicle that struck the woman has diplomatic plates, (Photo: Jim Joslyn)

A woman was struck and killed by a vehicle near the National Zoo in NW D.C. Thursday.

The woman suffered serious injuries and was taken to a local hospital where she died. Police identified her as 64-year-old Trudith Rishikof of Northwest, DC.

Police say Rishikof stepped into the crosswalk shortly before 11 a.m. on a busy stretch of Connecticut Avenue. She was struck by a white SUV with diplomatic plates turning left onto Connecticut Avenue from Devonshire Place.

According to police, the driver is a U.S. citizen who works for a local diplomat. Police describe the woman as in her 60s.

Chris Reinhart was driving in the other direction and saw the woman lying in the street in the 3100 block of Connecticut Avenue.

“After I parked my car I walked back and saw them giving chest compressions to the person...who had been struck,” he said.

Laure Collins lives in the area and says the stretch of Connecticut Avenue just a couple of blocks from the National Zoo is particularly dangerous for pedestrians.

“It's really tough and during rush hour I always hear screeching cars slamming on their's like a freeway heading up Connecticut Avenue,” Collins said.

The accident investigation closed Connecticut Avenue, tying up traffic early this afternoon for hours.

“This area is pretty dangerous, you have four lanes of traffic you have to cross,” said Mikaleh Cohoon.

Police are investigating the cause of the accident.