Gary Richards killed in Baltimore-Washington Parkway crash

A Baltimore man was hit and killed when he stepped out of his car on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway near Greenbelt on Wednesday morning, police say.

U.S. Park Police spokesman Sgt. Paul Brooks says the victim, identified as 38-year-old Gary Richards, was getting out of a car to switch drivers on the northbound ramp of Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

The driver of the car that hit Richards stayed on the scene.

Richards a well-known figure in the D.C. nightlife and club scene, was the local representative for Ciroc, the liquor brand run by rapper Sean "P. Diddy" Combs.

Sunni, a D.C. radio host, knew Richards well. She says he always called her his little sister.

"He wasn't just a part of the entertainment industry, he was a great friend who meant a lot to us," Sunni added.

Those close to Richards say he had achieved almost celebrity status, but he never let it go to his head. Friends describe him as an honest and trustworthy man, with a big heart.

Sunni said, " I think I'll just miss his smile and being around him. He's just a great, great guy."

Hailing from New York, Richards was always seen wearing a trademark fitted Yankees cap, and while friends say they'll miss seeing him around, they say he hasn't really left them.

"We know you'll be our guardian angel as we move forward, so love you brother," friend Anwaa Kong proclaimed.

According to, Richards leaves behind a wife and young son.