Pedestrian hit, killed in traffic crash near Randolph Crossing Shopping Center

The second of two pedestrian crashes near Wheaton over the weekend shattered this car windshield. (Photo: WJLA)

For the third time since May, and the second time this weekend, Montgomery County Police are investigating a fatal pedestrian accident on Veirs Mill Road in Wheaton.

"I guess somebody had been hit and dragged", says Kim Lefcowitz. "It looked like it was pretty bad."

Police say around 10:20 Saturday night, an unidentified Latino man was crossing in the middle of the block, near Veirs Mill and Gridley,
when he was struck by a Chevy Monte Carlo, bounced off the windshield, and fell onto the pavement, where he was run over by a dark colored SUV.

"It was bound to happen," says Paul Spring of Wheaton, one of numerous people who darted across Veird Mill in the middle of a block, instead of using one of two nearby crosswalks.

"It doesn't surprise me at all, could happen to any of us," he adds.

"It's a very unfortunate event", says James Mehlman, who admits not using a crosswalk can be a very risky game of Russian roulette.

"Crossing against the light can be dangerous", he says. "If you're driving, you should be aware of what's around you on the road. The pedestrian should be aware of what's around him".

Police say the man was not using a crosswalk.

But the interaction between drivers and pedestrians can prove deadly even off the road.

Early Saturday, Rolando Martinez was struck and killed on a sidewalk near the intersection of Veirs Mill and Gail Streets.

Police say he was waiting for a bus to get to work, when the car veered off the road and hit the 59-year old father of three.

Family members say they were told the car was weaving back and forth, just before the collision.

"We want to make sure whatever needs to be done to avoid these reckless drivers out there", says Rosario Grande, Martinez's daughter -in-law.

The driver in that crash suffered non-threatening injuries. He has not been charged.

Police are trying to see if speed, alcohol, driver inattention, or a mechanical failure were factors.

Back in May, a man and his wife were struck at Veirs Mill and Centerhill. The woman did not survive.

All three deadly incidents happened within a mile of each other.

Police are urging drivers and walkers to be more careful.

"People are not using crosswalks, drivers are not slowing down", Montgomery County Police Spokeswoman Janelle Smith says.

"Pedestrians are assuming that drivers see them, which is not the case", says adds.

Authorities say the Chevy driver, who stayed at the scene, has not been charged. But police are looking for the SUV driver, who took off.

They are also trying to identify the man who was killed.