Herman Bartlett fatally struck by car in Bailey's Crossroads

A man was killed crossing the street Thursday night in Bailey’s Crossroads. This comes as police are cracking down on unsafe drivers and pedestrians.

“Drivers are often distracted,” says Liz Weist of Arlington.

Even a short walk across parts of Leesburg Pike can be a challenge.

“I run for it, but then I’m like do I want to run because of all these cars? Am I going to get hit?” says Jericho Pittman of Falls Church.

Alfred Lewis visited the intersection where his friend, Herman Bartlett, was fatally struck.

“Traffic moves pretty fast out here. I guess you’ve got to be on your pins and needles when you’re crossing the street,” he says.

Police aren’t sure if Bartlett, 54, was in the crosswalk, but the driver has not been charged.

“Me, I can’t take that change anymore so I pay attention to the signs,” says Ted Thomas of Washington.

Police are now asking drivers and pedestrians to be watchful of each other.

“It’s very dangerous. It’s an eight-lane road,” says Stuart Fischer of Vienna.

A section of Gallows Road is the focus of the police department’s pedestrian safety initiative. Last summer officers issued more than 540 violation warnings to walkers and drivers there.

“Everyone’s in that rat race and the rush,” says T.J. Covert of Merrifield.

“People are now more concerned with getting from point A to point B than their actual safety.”

Police hope to prevent tragedies like the one that took Bartlett’s life.

“You’ve got to be more watchful of them than them watching you,” says Lewis.