Paul Ryan makes campaign stops in Virginia

(Photo: monkeyz uncle via Flickr)

Republican vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan is making several stops in the battle ground state of Virginia on Friday.

Ryan worked for votes in Virginia, telling a cheering crowd that he is fond of hunting and fishing in the state.

The campaigns of President Barack Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney see Virginia as a bellwether; Obama won the state in 2008, the first Democrat since Lyndon B. Johnson to gain victory in Virginia.

"This is a state that has it all, and this is a state that will determine it all," Ryan said in Glen Allen, outside Richmond.

He made no mention of Medicare, the issue that has dominated debate much of the week, driven in part by Ryan's blueprint for overhauling the program.

Ryan attended an event at{ } West Springfield High School in Springfield as well.

This evening, Ryan will headline a private fundraiser at the Westin Hotel in the Ballston area of Arlington.

Ryan’s wife was living in Arlington and working as a tax attorney when she met him in 1999.

Separately, a Democratic super PAC supporting Obama released a new ad Friday arguing that Romney would only pay 1 percent in taxes under a budget plan proposed by Ryan.

The ad's tag line says: "Romney and Ryan. If they win, the middle class loses." It was airing in Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Romney, who has spent more than a year running almost entirely on the economy and jobs, put Medicare at the campaign's center when he chose Ryan as his running mate.{ }

Ryan is Congress' chief advocate of significantly restraining entitlement programs.

The Wisconsin congressman is expected to revisit Medicare in some depth in Florida on Saturday. He will face voters in a retirement community north of Orlando known as The Villages. Ryan's 78-year-old mother, a Medicare recipient, plans to attend.

"We will not duck the tough issues; we will lead," Ryan told the Virginia crowd.

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