Paul Layer beats speed cam ticket in Damascus

One of many speed cameras in Damascus, Md.

Some drivers caught speeding by a camera in Damascus may have a case for appealing those tickets.

While most people would have probably just paid a citation, one lawyer discovered a provision of the law that helped him beat the ticket.

Some Damascus residents say it seems that there are speed cameras everywhere in the Montgomery County city.

“I think it's a way for the county to make money and they are making a lot of money off Damascus residents,” says Kelly McIntire.

But in December 2012 one of those cameras clicked off a shot of Paul Layer of Damascus driving along Ridge Road. The county issued him a citation, claiming he was going 43 in a 30 mile-per-hour zone.

Layer could have paid the $40, but he just happens to be a constitutional lawyer for the federal government. So he did a little research and found when it came to this camera the county hadn't followed the letter of the law.

Maryland state law says each jurisdiction must publish the location of all its speed cameras before they become operational. The county had to admit in court it hadn't done that.

“Was he speeding that day? He says maybe he was, maybe he wasn't.

“They've given me a citation, requested $40, and when I challenged it, as I did, they can't prove it,” Layer says.

On appeal, the charges against Layer were dropped.

He now wants all fines and court fees he paid returned and wants the county to refund everyone else who might have paid for a ticket issued by this camera.