Patricia Cook shot, killed by police

Virginia State Police say a Culpeper officer shot a woman after she drove off with his arm trapped in her vehicle's window and refused to stop.

State police say 54-year-old Patricia A. Cook of Culpeper died at the scene of Thursday morning's shooting.

The shooting occurred after the officer, a 5-year veteran,{ } responded to a report of a suspicious woman in a vehicle in a church parking lot.

Kristopher Buchele says he heard an argument, looked out the window and watched it happen.

“I never in a million years thought he'd shoot her,” Buchele says.

The officer, in uniform and working out of a marked vehicle, was talking to Cook when she closed the driver's side window suddenly while trying to get her identification.

State police say Cook drove off with the officer's arm trapped in the window and refused his commands to stop. He then shot her and the vehicle wrecked.

Cook's body has been sent to the state medical examiner. The officer hasn't been identified.

Buchele, however, disagreed with the authorities’ account of the shooting.

“He had hand on the handle like he was trying to open the door,” Buchele says of the officer. “I remember both hands close to together you know what I mean. One hand on the glass. The gun was so close to the glass, I could hear him tapping the glass with the gun. Telling her to stop or I'll shoot. It was like he was trying to open the door.”

Gary Cook, the victim’s husband, also said the authorities’ version didn’t seem likely.

“It doesn't sound like her behavior at all,” he says. “Not that I'm aware of for having lived with her for eight years.”

Cook was active in her community, a retired cosmetologist she spent time making crafts and attending church.

“Hopefully I'll find out what the hell happened,” he says.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.