Pastor preaches benefits of sex in marriage

An Arlington pastor is urging married couples to step up their sex lives.

Pastor John Slye, of Grace Community Church, is delivering an eight week sermon dubbed "Smokin' Hot," and it's definitely perking some ears.

For Lucy-Ann and Tom Vacher, saying "I love you" comes naturally. The two have been married for 11 years. But, bring 2-year-old twins into the picture and finding time to bond in the bedroom is a challenge.

"The reality is that you have to make an effort. The reality is also that you want to make an effort. At least the man certainly wants to make an effort. He just has to work out how to get all the distractions out of his head, and then the more tricky subject which is how to get the distractions out his wife's head, and then we're in business," Tom said.

Slye is making such matters his "business" to help couple ignite the spark.

He says we live in a society of "DINS" - "Dual Income, No Sex" couples.

"Sex is just plummeting. They're stressed. They're overworked, and the passion is gone," Slye said. "Nobody wants a mediocre marriage. Everybody wants a 'Smokin' Hot' marriage."

To get that, Slye is pulling out God's marriage manual, otherwise known as "The Song of Solomon". The chapter preaches three things for a fulfilling relationship - "kissing, character and compliments."

Lucy-Ann said, "It may not come as naturally as when you were like it like rabbits when you just met, but if you pay a little bit of attention…It’s not a chore. It’s something that’s beautiful and be worked on and more deliberate."

While there's no scientific study to prove the sermons are turning up the heat, couples in the church say when you talk about sex in church, you take that home to the bedroom.