Parveen Ahmed, Arlington day care worker, apologizes for leaving child alone outside

(WJLA) - Parveen Ahmed was reserved and contrite on Tuesday after Arlington Police say a three-year-old girl at the day care was left outside in the backyard on Monday for 30 to 60 minutes – with no socks, no shoe, and no jacket. She was found shivering and crying.

When asked why the day care worker had left such a young child outside in the rain and cold all alone, Ahmed replied:

"She was crying, so I gave her 10 minutes -- 10 minutes," he said.

While the full details remain unclear, Ahmed says she thought the girl was okay outside on a swing, and at one point, gave her 10 minutes to cry outside. Then, Arlington Police received a call after 4 p.m. from neighbors who heard and then saw the little girl screaming and crying, trying to get back inside.

Police arrived and put the child in a cruiser to get warmed up, and then questioned Ahmed.

"The provider was unwilling to work with police, answer questions, just tried to get us to leave [and] said everything was under control," said Dustin Steinbeck, Public Information Officer with the Arlington Police Department.

Child Protective Services was also on scene, ensuring that all six children inside (one more than allowed) were picked up by their parents.

We asked Ahmed whether he believes he did anything wrong:

"Yeah, a little bit wrong, I'm sorry about that," she replied.

Arlington County’s most recent inspection of the facility took place in December. The report found Ahmed out of compliance on five issues, including failure to maintain correct child/adult ratios, failure to provide an adequate and safe environment both indoors and outdoors, as well as insufficient health care and safety conditions.

Ahmed, who has been licensed since 2004, made the necessary corrections to maintain a license.{ } As for yesterday’s incident, she continues to apologize.