Part of Southeast Freeway closing down

D.C. commuters will have to get used to a big change on a major road.

Thursday night police and work crews shut down a portion of the Southeast Freeway.

The move is part of a giant project that, among other things, involves new links between 295 and the Southeast Freeway.

The freeway has been shut down where it crosses 8th Street SE. Drivers can no longer take the freeway to get to Pennsylvania Avenue and the Sousa Bridge, which goes over the Anacostia River.

Drivers who want to get from the expressway to Pennsylvania Avenue are now being diverted onto a ramp for 295. They can take 295 north and then get off at the Pennsylvania Avenue exit.

Drivers coming from the east will have to do the same thing in reverse. You can no longer merge onto the westbound Southeast Expressway from Pennsylvania Avenue, but you can get on 295 south and get to the expressway from there.

Some on-ramps in the area will be affected as well. For more information on new traffic patterns, see the DDOT's explanation here.