Parking 'ticket' issued by parking garage on public street stirs controversy

A parking "ticket" issued outside a D.C. shopping complex is stirring up controversy.

The ticket wasn't issued by the city or police. It was issued by Colonial Parking garage at Rhode Island Row.

Rhode Island Row has brand new apartments, brand new stores, complete with indoor and outdoor parking - for a fee. The signs say it is private property and you can be ticketed, booted, or towed.

But it was issued on a car parked on a public street.

And it's who is issuing the tickets that is raising eyebrows.

A parking violation posted on caused the stir. The reader says it was posted on their car at Rhode Island Row after they parked their car in one of the outdoor spaces to run into CVS on September 13.

The "ticket" wasn't issued by police., it wasn't issued by a city parking officer. It was issued by Colonial Parking garage.

The driver asked if it was even legal? Residents today wondered the same.

"My first impression is that is out line, it's the job of police not private companies," a man named Mark says to ABC7.

The violation drummed up a mad response on

The $25 ticket says the violation happened on a public main street. It gives a deadline for payment and three different ways to pay.

Metropolitan Police told ABC7 it is not a citation and private companies are not allowed to issue citations.

An owner at who explained, no, it is not a citation bit ot is a fee for violating the posted private parking rules and if not paid it will show up as an unpaid item on your credit report.

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