Parking meter, parking sign conflict anger drivers

Parking meter, parking sign conflict anger drivers

An annoying issue in northwest Washington had drivers getting parking tickets and businesses crying foul.

For at least the last year and a half, the two hour parking signs along the 1500 block of U Street have not meant much because the meters would not let you park for that long.

Parlour Saloon on U Street is busy with people updating their hairstyles, but looking good can take a little time—and that’s become a big problem.

“We have people coming in every half hour, 45 minutes, so it's a constant issue for them to feed the meter, we're constantly running back and forth to feed the meter for them, but also the sign says two hours—it’s supposed to be two hours,” said Saloon co-owner Rebecca Haehnle.

The sign says two hours, the meter says two hours, but put as many quarters as you want into this meter, you still are not getting two hours on the meter.

Turns out that despite all the signs that say two hours, these meters’ max time is just one hour and the only place it says that is in fine print on their digital displays.

“The signs don't match up with reality, a third of the meters are broken, it’s sad,” said driver Bill Howell.

“We called the city, we called 311, the problem wasn't getting solved and no one would get back to us on it,” Haehnle said.

Within 48 hours of ABC’s Seven on your side asking DDOT to explain the meter confusion, they fixed it.

"There are times when the meters and signage conflict. When they are reported we correct them. In this case I'm told the signage and decals are correct...The time limits on the meters will be updated as the meters communicate with the network," DDOT said.