Parking machines log-jam

Machines designed to make parking easier have instead become the source of many complaints in the District. It’s the pay-to-park machines that take credit cards are causing people headaches.

The machine spits out a receipt to show you paid. A lot of people are reporting, though, that they’re paying but not getting the receipt. ABC7 talked to half a dozen drivers who said they have experienced trouble with the machines.

“It is probably the number one complaint we get,” admits even John Lisle, spokesperson of the District Department of Transportation.

So what exactly is the problem? Drivers said they’ve seen paper jams or machines run out of paper, and occasionally had to pay twice to park.

“You'll usually just hop down to the next one to see what works, so your are inconvenienced. You walk another half block down to the next one that does work,” said Matt Nobleman of Elkridge.

D.C. officials say the responsibility to correct the overpayment rest with the parker. Motorists should notify the city so it can erase one of the charges.

The city is looking at some other pay-to-park methods. Next year, we could see machines that allow drivers to pay for parking in a specific space – and they will be paper free.