Parking lot scam targets senior citizens

BETHESDA, Md. (WJLA) -- Don is 77 years old and a caregiver to his bedridden fiancee. He still works, but would like to retire soon. And he is crushed and embarrassed that he lost $10,000 to a pair of parking lot con men.

"They just caught me at a moment where I was feeling like I wanted to help the next guy," he said.

Don, whose identity we are protecting, says it started in a Rockville Pike parking lot near Old Georgetown Road last week.

“This Jamaican walked up to the window ...he had two wads of bills -- hundred dollar bills..." he said.

The con man said he needed a ride to an apartment he was having trouble locating. He got into Don's car, and that's when they encountered the second participant in this ripoff scheme -- he seemed to appear from nowhere, according to Don.

Once again, the Jamaican flashed his wad of bills. Don and the other man told him it should go in a bank, but he replied that he doesn't trust the bank and challenged Don to prove that a bank will give the deposited money bank. All three men drive to the bank, and thinking he is helping these strangers, Don makes a withdrawal.

"They gave me $10,000 and put it in an envelope -- I came back and showed it to him," explained Don.

Needless to say, the cash and the men were soon gone. Police say the pair also snookered a 68-year-old woman out of $1,700 with a similar ruse.

"We just want this to be a warning that you have to be really skeptical of anybody who approaches you in a parking lot promising you some type of service," said Montgomery County Police Officer, Rebecca Innocenti.