Park Police officer hurt in Prince George's County chase

(Photo: Brad Bell)

PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, Md. (WJLA) - A wild chase Tuesday afternoon in D.C. ended at Chesapeake Lane and 74th Street in Prince George's County with a Park Police officer on a stretcher, battered and bruised his ankle broken.

A witness said he watched as an allegedly stolen BMW SUV launched into a ravine and two suspects bailed out.

“Saw the young man jump out the vehicle run down towards the building,” the witness says. “The police ran after him. Caught him.”

The second suspect headed off in a different direction and an officer chased on foot. The officer was injured enough that he had to be carried up and out by medics and fellow officers, who eventually loaded him onto the park police helicopter for a ride to the hospital.

Blanca Romero says she and her family were caught up in it as police chased the BMW off the BW Parkway around and around a Walmart parking lot and then into a bowling alley all at high speed.

“When it went through the bowling alley, I thought it was going to flip,” she says. “I got off with my baby and ran into the store because I was like, these cars they don't care.”

Eventually, a Prince George’s Police K-9 officer and his dog tracked the suspect on the loose to a Taco Bell. The two suspects are only 15-years-old.