Parents push to get marijuana extract for children with epilepsy

(WJLA) - Shannon Moore never imagined she would be roaming the halls of government lobbying for a cause, but then her twins Nicholas and Byron were born with a severe form of epilepsy. They can’t walk, talk or eat without a feeding tube, and Shannon says they’re running out of time.

“Last week the neurologist told us that we’re at a point where we have to choose because quality and quantity of life.”

But Shannon, who lives in Frederick, is not ready to make that choice, especially because elsewhere in the country medical marijuana seems to be saving the lives of children like her own.

“We had nothing left to try and this miraculously worked,” says Paige Figi.

Figi’s daughter Charlotte has literally become the national poster child for pediatric use of medical cannabis. Figi lives in Colorado and two years ago began giving her daughter the oil extracted from marijuana.

“For her first dose she was seven days seizure-free,” Figi says. “That’s 300 seizures she didn’t have that first week from her first dose.

It worked so well the oil was renamed Charlotte’s Web.

Shannon Moore now wants the oil for her boys and others in Maryland, but it’s not legal so she went to Annapolis to tell her story, with Figi at her side, in hopes that the politicians will listen and change the law.

“For our kids it’s a quality of life issue to help them to enjoy the time they’re here and give them as much time as they can get,” Moore says.