Parents concerned over school bus routes in Loudoun Co.

File photo (Bill McChesney / MGN / CC BY 2.0)

On Tuesday night, the Loudoun County School Board pledged to keep working on problems with its bus routes.

Nearly 1,500 complaints have flooded into the school district regarding transportation issues since school started. The problems range from a shortage of drivers to consolidated bus stops.

“It is a danger for our kids to be there,“ said Brenna MacMillin whose five, seven, and 11-year-olds all ride the school bus. This year their stop moved.

“There are no sidewalks,” said MacMillin. “There are no street lights for the dark mornings for our elementary students and cars fly down that road.”

School district officials say they are not only listening to complaints, they are fixing the problems. 900 complaints have already been cleared.

“We apologize for any inconvenience that parents have suffered, but we are trying to get a better bus service,” said school district spokesperson Wayde Byard.

There are roughly 81,000 Loudoun County Public School students.

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