Pamela Butler's family, friends gather to remember missing woman

Four years after she went missing, family and friends of Pamela Butler gathered on a block on 4th Street NW Saturday night to remember her and ask why.

Authorities say on February 12, 2009, Butler, 47 at the time, simply vanished.

Smart and family oriented, Butler, an EPA analyst was last seen on surveillance video outside her home talking with her boyfriend.

Her family has come to a difficult realization that she might not be alive. Police searched Butler's house, and her ex-boyfriend's Alexandria apartment at least twice, but never found any evidence of foul play.

Butler's family suspects the ex-boyfriend was somehow involved. But police have not charged anyone in the case.

At the time, in 2009, the boyfriend, who asked ABC7 to not show his face, denied any wrongdoing, saying, "Are they going to find blood? Any other evidence she was harmed? No, they're not going to find that, because I didn't do anything to her."

But her family and friends still ask the same question: "Where is Pamela Butler?"