Pain at the pump

The gas price rollercoaster has some people reeling from filling up, with prices jumping more than $0.20 a gallon across the board at some stations.

But the question remains: Why are gas prices skyrocketing?

AAA Mid-Atlantic tells ABC7 that distributors are blaming the price hike on the historic flooding along the Mississippi River and fears over the threats to refineries. The distributors are therefore raising prices on fuel that was purchased before the flooding.

Stations across suburban Maryland saw an increase of 20 cents or more overnight.

“It doesn't make sense to consumers, it doesn't add up to motorists,” said John Townsend of AAA Mid-Atlantic. “It's just more and more high gas prices.”

AAA Mid-Atlantic is calling on Maryland officials to investigate the suppliers.

Not all gas stations in the Metro area use the same distributor. But industry analysts said that if one company raises its prices, the others will inevitably do the same.

That has some people afraid that the price at the pump will keep climbing.

“We anticipate it going up another dollar fifty a gallon. Might be six dollars by the beginning of June,” said Eddy Silverman, a Rockville resident.