P Street Kids preschool in D.C. closes with no warning

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - The P Street Kids preschool provided toddlers age 2 to 4 with a fun environment in which to learn.

That is, up until this week. Friday is the last day children will play and learn at P Street Kids.

A new owner took possession of the building Friday, and apparently was unable to find a homeowners' insurer to cover a building with a preschool on the first floor that faces a relatively busy street.

So, the owner said the preschool had to close - immediately.

The news came as both a shock and a big disappointment to families whose children have loved attending school there for many years.

"It's kind of sad...I mean, that is life, business. But it's very sad to see him leaving, and to see the kids," said Jean-Pierre Safarti, whose child attended the school.

It's a sad day for the former owner, Matt Winters, as well.

"It's just been a great spot. It's been an incredible, amazing experience for me," Winters told ABC7.

Winters said he knew the preschool probably would have to close, but he only just found out last night that Friday would be the last day.

Parents were surprised to learn they would get no more than a day's notice to find other childcare or preschool arrangements for their children.

"He said today is the last day - we are shutting down," parent Cathy Alter said upon dropping her child off for school Friday.

Alter said she is worried how her son, who has loved the school, will take the news.

"To think about the kids - you know, what are they going to do?" she said. "It's sad. This is home; this is where he found his footing."

Alter said her family - as well as many others, no doubt - are now "scrambling" to find a new school.