Oyster-Adams Bilingual School evacuated after suspicious letters found

Officials evacuated the school's 19th Street campus. (Photo: Dave Webb/ABC7)

A woman on a stretcher was taken out of D.C.'s Department of Health on North Capitol Street after a letter containing white powder was found.

Just hours before that, the Oyster Adams Bilingual School on 19th Street was evacuated when another letter was found. It contained flour and children returned to school about an hour later.

This comes after two other places received letters earlier this week. One, at the Amorini Panini restaurant on F Street in Northwest D.C. Monday; the other was sent to a restaurant inside the Ronald Reagan building on Pennsylvania Tuesday.

FBI officials say they're looking into a possible connection to the same kind of letters found across the country Tuesday. More than ten letters with white powders were opened in six states.

Several schools in the Dallas area, a middle school in Connecticut, an art museum in New York City, a bank in Birmingham, Ala. and schools in Massachusetts and Rhode Island all received similar letters.