Oxon Hill Loomis truck heist leaves guard wounded

The site of the heist. (Photo: James Joslyn)

Store surveillance video captures what police believe was the getaway car used by a group of masked gunman—a silver four-door sedan with tinted windows—slowly driving around the parking lot in front of the Loomis Armored Truck, just moments before that truck was targeted.

“I used to work here and some of the drivers who bring cash are so nice. I just pray for the family," said former store employee Pamela Scott.

Shoppers of the Save-A-Lot Grocery Store in Oxon Hill watched in terror as the guard fell to the ground—shot in the face after being ambushed by the robbers.

"In the process of transferring cash into the store three or four black male suspects approached him," Prince George’s County Police’s Lt. William Alexander said.

A bullet proof vest the guard was wearing may have saved his life.

“He was alive and awake, but he had been shot in the face," said Daniel Quagliarello, who was a witness.